Best Ways to Get into Vortex

Vortex is related to our source and is an energetic vibration that makes everything possible. It is all about aligning yourself to the thoughts and feelings that everything in this world is possible.

Vortex helps you to believe that everything will be fine and ok soon. Getting into vertex might be difficult to experience all the time but it is not an impossible task at all. Keep in mind that everything in this world has power and vibration, you have to understand this fact. The law of attraction is the best way to manifest it.

Identify your vibrational state:

You are just like a magnet that attracts and invites other people, situations and feelings into your life. Vibration describes your emotions and mood which can be either positive or negative. Being loving, caring, kind, and hopeful are positive vibes while anger, hurt, and guilt is negative feelings. When you feed your mind with positive thoughts it will bring positive results in your life.

A negative vibration keeps you away from the goal and it is far away from the vortex. The Law of attraction focuses on positivity because it gives back to you. The negative mindset stops doing productive things. That’s why the richer get richer and the poor get poorer. Some people enjoy their life and cherish what they have in life without complaining. They are thankful for what they have in life.

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How to tap into the Vortex:

If you want to attract abundance in your life like money, love, health, or anything you can do it from the vortex. All you need is the alignment of your emotions and feelings with what you want to get.

Stop vibrating negative thoughts. It does not matter how calm you can be, just try to do it. Do not push yourself into stress and depressing situation.

Practice being calm, relaxed, and cool in every situation and focus on the solution rather than problems.

Perceptions about the Vortex:

When you start complaining about life, things become difficult and your life becomes very tough. If you are directed towards what you do not want, it means you are moving away from the vortex. Your current situations and hurdles should not demotivate you.

Avoid going to pessimistic situations and move your way from the dark zone of life. Be goal-oriented rather than conditions-oriented. Your past and mistakes should not define who you are. According to Tony Robbins:

“Wherever focus goes energy flows”.

Keep praying and do not criticize other people. Be grateful instead of complaining. You should be kind and compassionate with others and with yourself.

Some positive affirmations for practicing vortex in life:

When you are focusing on vortex it means you are going closer to your goal and desire.  Keep repeating some positive affirmations given below;

  1. “I will on my way to finding my true love. There are many people who have found the loves of their lives.”
  2. “Endless love in my life and in this universe and I can connect to this love every moment by feeling good about the little things.”
  3. “I can meditate myself by being with my friends, reading my favorite book and walking alone or listening to inspiring stories”.
  4. “Sincere and amazing people attract me in life who are looking for this connection”.
  5. “I believe that abundance is flowing to me”.
  6. “There is a lot of abundances to celebrate”.
  7. “I will choose to do everything which makes me happy it right now.”
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Ways to Get Vortex in your Life

All these affirmations help you to feel better. Below are some ways to get vortex in your life;

1. Deep Breaths:

Deep breaths will make you feel lighter and remove all the toxic feelings which are disturbing you. A few seconds of inhaling and exhaling in your stomach and lungs with fresh air can do miracles and you feel relaxed. In this way, you get into the vortex. This is not time-consuming or thought task. You can do it easily on daily basis to feel better. It calms down your over-reactive limbic system too.

2. Take a small start:

Start your journey with little and mini-tasks, do not overwhelm yourself with unnecessary burdens. Think of your goals and tasks to perform them better. Look and embrace the abundance you already have in your life. Do some exercise for 10 to 15 minutes daily and you will feel the difference.

3. Meditation:

Meditation is the best and most effective way to get into the vortex. By meditation, you can improve your daily life routine. Try to meditate yourself three to four times a day especially in the morning and during bedtime.

4. Be kind to yourself and others:

Be kind and good with others. Treat yourself in the best way and forgive yourself for mistakes. Your family and friends have much more love and kindness.

5. Appreciate and observe nature:

Observing nature and appreciating its beauty is one of the best ways to get vortex into life. A peaceful walk and seeing greenery, animals and all other creatures make you feel happy.

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6. Practice yoga:

Yoga is necessary for your physical and mental wellbeing. You can practice it online at home easily.

7. Note and focus on what works for you:

Everyone has their own experiences and they deal with situations according to them. Just focus on things that work for you and ignore all the negative vibrations which keep you away from your goals.

8. Be creative:

Do not worry about good or best just do your best and leave results on the universe. Do something fun and creative.

9. Use positive affirmations:

Always use positive affirmations for motivating yourself. I am going to be healthy and wealthy. I am becoming the best version of myself.

10. Exercise:

Exercises keep you healthy and feel better. It keeps you healthy and blood circulation enhances.

11. Experiencing love:

Love and kindness are the best ways to get into the vortex. Use the feelings of love and love for others.

12. Sleep:

If you are not feeling well then go to sleep, you will feel fresh. Increase the quality of your and take naps during the day.

13. Take a bath:

A hot bath helps you to take into the vortex. Remove any noise which distracts you.

14. Laugh:

Laughing releases the endorphins hormone that lessen the tension and stress. It makes you feel happy and cool. Remember the things which make help you to laugh. It helps greatly to get you into the vortex.

15. Listen to motivational speakers:

Listen to some motivational speakers and try to learn lessons from them. Add short reminders in your life and note down all the things which keep you motivated.  It will help you to get into the vortex.

16. Spend your time with positive people:

Positive people keep you motivated and help you to get positive vibrations in your life. They make you feel happy and help you to see the positive vibrations in your life. They make you feel happy and help you to see the positive perspective of life.

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