Manifest Range is all about positivity to stay happy and positive in life.
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About me

Hi, I am Bintenazir and I’m a University student at Islamia University in Pakistan.

My social anxiety began to take hold around the end of high school, and later it got worse. I spent a lot of my nights in the house as I did not want social interaction, even with my friends. I felt uncomfortable within my skin, did not love myself, and was unable to accept myself. was my worst mistake.

In my mind, I had an enormous idea for myself. I believed that it sufficed: I wouldn’t be scared of looking into the eyes of someone or out with my buddies. I don’t need to be worried every day. I’m not able to live my life as people want (people-pleasing).

I began my own self-improvement process and then, two years after that, Manifest Range Project started.

I began this blog about mental health to assist other people in improving their own mental health and also to provide a secure space to talk about the struggles of social anxiety through my personal experiences.

My inbox is always available for guidance or simply want someone to vent with, contact me for a person to chat with!