57 Best You Are Amazing Quotes

You are amazing quotes are the best tools to know your worth. These can be shared for inspiration and encouragement. It is essential to remind ourselves of our worth. Such quotations help to develop confidence and motivate to do better. Positive self-talk makes life productive and optimistic.

It is always necessary to remind ourselves of our values. Positive self-talk can eradicate pain and sorrow. Life satisfaction and happiness can be enhanced through self-talk practice. Reading all of the following quotes will remind your worth and you will feel a little better about yourself. Controlling the self-negative talk is a key step towards a satisfying life.

57 You are Amazing quotes:

  1. “And you know this one fits you perfectly, just one word. All I can say is amazing.”– Elliot Yamin
  2. “You are good enough, beautiful enough, and strong enough to handle any situation.”– Al Carraway
  3. “Always keep in mind that you are unique. Just like everyone else.”– Margaret Mead
  4. “You must know that you are amazing and great. Never forget that fact.”– Gurumayi Chidvilasananda
  5. “Do not compare yourself to other people, you are supposed to be unique.”– Sonya Parker
  6. “I wish I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes. Only then you will truly understand how important you are.– Frida Kahlo
  7. “You are a great person with unique abilities. Keep trust in your abilities.”-Lailah Gifty Akita
  8. “It is amazing to do things immediately as you planned to do them.”– Lori Meyers
  9. “You are brave and strong enough to tackle the troubles of life. You are not weak.”
  10. “Stay strong for those who look at you and say, because of you, I did not give up.”
  11. “You do not need to think to be someone else, you are amazing.”
  12. “Always appreciate and trust in yourself. You are amazing in the way you are.”
  13. “If I could call my life happy and satisfied, it is just because of you.”
  14. “You are pretty, talented, brave, and unique. Always remember that.”
  15. “Every time I look at you, I feel the simplicity and innocence f you.”
  16. “Do not struggle for things that do not concern you.”
  17. “You are doing well than anybody else can do.”
  18. “You are surviving in this difficult situation and that is your power.”
  19. “You are a blessing of God.”
  20. “You avail yourself every opportunity in life and it is a positive sign of improvement.”
  21. “Your time is short, do not waste it on useless and living someone else’s life.”– Steve Jobs
  22. “You are a special person. You should polish your talents.”-Lailah Gifty Akita
  23. “Your value is amicable and doesn’t decrease due to someone’s inability to see your value.”
  24. “Flaws are not bad so do not bother about them too much. I love making up a word.”– Tyra Banks
  25. “You are holding the things in the best way and handling things well.”
  26. “You work hard and you are honest, amazing things will happen in your life soon.”– Conan O’Brien
  27. “If you are feeling low, or trampled, unappreciated, or forgotten and you are reading this, realize it is an illusion, the hope is real, you are valued and what lies ahead is brilliance.”― Tom Althouse
  28. “You are my hero and I get inspiration from you.”
  29. “Your inner strength is something which never leaves you. You are powerful beyond your wildest imagination.”― Hiral Nagda
  30. “Do not let other people’s opinions and suggestions dictate who you are supposed to be. Look within yourself and discover the amazingly unique, beautiful, and strong person you are.”― Sandra Cooze
  31. “You are the one who is very important to me.”
  32. “Peel yourself layer by layer. An absolute earth-shattering magnificent person is waiting to be discovered.”― Hiral Nagda
  33. “You don’t belong to the average. Extraordinary has your name engraved on it.”
    ― Hiral Nagda
  34. “You are a special individual. Never envy others. You never know what they go through.
    Seek and be inspired by the works of others. Learn their secrets for success.”
    ― Lailah Gifty Akita
  35. “You are a fabulous and outstanding personality.”
  36. “You are not what others think, you are the best choice of God.”
  37. “You are a blessing for me.”
  38. “My life has been changed since you came into my life.”
  39. “In my eyes, you are amazing all the time.”
  40. “You always try to help and care for others regardless of your tough life that is unique.”
  41. “The best thing in you is that you do not care about people’s comments and respect them.”
  42. “You did things for me that I never forget.”
  43. “You never left me and I am grateful for it.”
  44. “Your good days are coming soon, just be patient and keep going on.”
  45. “You are capable of doing amazing things”.
  46. “Your smile is so sweet, keep smiling and never let yourself down.”
  47. “You never give up in life and that is your strength.”
  48. “Always acknowledge yourself for the qualities and achievements of life.”
  49. “You are the only one in this world in your place, nobody else can spend it like you.”
  50. “You are innocent and deserve to be happy in life.”
  51. “You are a great, energetic and powerful person.”
  52. “I think that you are amazing for being so strong, for letting go, forgetting the past, moving on and fighting on for your rights.”
  53. “You are kind, caring, funny, and optimistic and you are just my sweetheart.”
  54. It is a positive sign that you are moving on in life and not stuck on the past.”
  55. “Love yourself for the unique qualities you have.”
  56. “You deserve love and care.”
  57. “You are not useless and weak, you are quite strong.”
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