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10 Self-Care Blogs to Take Better Care of Yourself

Self-care is defined as taking care of yourself. It includes everything which you do to keep yourself healthy and happy. Self-care does not only include physical care but also spiritual and emotional care too. Self-care becomes more important when you are facing challenging situations. It is necessary to keep your mind and thoughts positive.

Importance of self-care:

In this age of stressful life and society, it is difficult to take care of yourself due to multiple responsibilities. But in order to maximize your productivity, you need to take care of yourself. Instead of visiting health services, spending some tie on yourself will benefit you.  Self-care is the best approach to take care of your emotions as well as good physical health. Self-care activities are helpful in removing depression and negativity from the mind. Here are some benefits of such activities;

1.     It has been proven clinically that a self-care routine eliminates anxiety and depression.

2.     Decreases stress.

3.     Enhance and improve concentration.

4.     Reduce frustration and anger.

5.     Boost up happiness.

6.     Increase energy level.

7.     Reduces the chance of heart diseases and stroke.

8.     Help to realize the true meaning of life.

Self-care strategies:

Here are basic tips for self-care;

  • Connect with family and friends and maintain your relationships.
  • Get regular exercise.
  • Take a balanced diet.
  • Do not hesitate to ask for help and accept when you need it most.
  • Take good care of yourself and think of yourself as your own best friend.
  • Be positive.
  • Plan something for the best future ahead.
  • Spend quality time with yourself.
  • Get proper sleep.
  • Keep practicing regular relaxation.
  • Schedule and add all these activities into your daily routine.
  • Try to make them a natural part of your life.

Self-care blogs:

Blogs are the best way to forget what we need. Reading blogs is just like talking to a friend. Most blogs focus on specific topics and we can find exactly what we are looking for. Here are self-care blogs that focus on self-care and personal development;

1. Self-Care Pursuit:

This blog is one of the first resources to initiate the journey of self-care. It is created by Sarah who is a health professional and life coach for a decade and a half. Self-care pursuit is the most authentic blog which focuses on taking care of yourself. It leads to a better life for your own self. This blog has articles on the following perspectives;

  • Developing self-love and care.
  • Goal-setting with determination.
  • Useful, productive, and healthy habits.
  • Doing things that you want to do.
  • Focus on the stuff that you truly love.

2. The Blissful Mind:

The Blissful Mind is written for overthinkers who keep focusing on everything. Catherine who is a mindset coach is a writer of this blog. People who are looking for ideas to achieve balance in life should read this blog. This is also helpful for those who are trying to live a peaceful, happy and meaningful life.

This blog mainly focuses on the following basic points;

  • How to add gratitude of blessings into your life.
  • Self-care ad self-love.
  • Comfort and prosperity.
  • Productivity and usefulness.
  • Develop a healthy and positive mindset.
  • Practice self-care activities.
  • Learning about effective time management.

3. Smart Twenties

Smart Twenties blog is for people in their twenties who are looking for the best approach to the meaning of life. This blog tells that how to live a life fullest. The blog was created by Sam Brown who is 27-year old and lives in Australia. This blog mainly focuses on them;

  • Personal self-growth.
  • Usefulness and productivity.
  • Career consultation and advice.
  • Better lifestyle.
  • Helps to build the best version of yourself.

4. The Wonder Forest Blog:

This is one of the best blogs for motivating resources to reveal and use creativity, especially during rest days. Dana is the creator of this blog and she developed many DIY crafts for every season. She provides tips for creating a beautiful and comfortable home environment. These tips transform the peace of your apartment. In addition to home setting tips, it also helps the reader to do those things which bring joy and happiness to them. It promotes positive transformation and bliss.

5. Embracing Simple Blog:

Embracing Simple is a unique and inspiring blog created by Christina. It focuses on living a simple and peaceful mind. It emphasizes the topics that enhance self-development. The main points discussed in this blog are;

  • Household strategies.
  • Self-improvement.
  • Methods to make your day beautiful.
  • Ways to achieve goals.

6. Best Kept Self

Best kept self is a blog, especially for entrepreneur women who do not take care of themselves. It focuses on self-care and personal development. The tagline of this blog “Self-help for the self-employed” shows that it is specifically for working ladies. This blog emphasizes;

  • Peace of mind.
  • Matters of beauty.
  • Basic business tips.
  • A healthy balance between work and self-care.

7. The Zen Teacher

Dan Tricarico is the founder of this blog. She is a high school English teacher and author of two books (Self-Care Secrets for Stressed out Teachers and The Zen Teacher). It focuses on creating focus, simplicity, and peace in the Classroom. She provides tips to educators for effective ways of taking care of themselves while working. The main topics covered in the blog are:

  • Self-care.
  • Comfort and well-being for teachers.
  • Calm and peace.

8. The Elgin Avenue

Elgin Avenue is created by Monica Beatrice Welburn. This blog is all about inclined and stylish living. It covers various fields including fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and career. Beauty is the main element of it. Elgin Avenue is run by a number of interesting guest contributors. The blog is also associated with a podcast, “Let’s Discuss” on living a happy and fulfilling life.

9. Sunday Chapter

Self-care concerns the activities that bring happiness in life.  Angela, the creator of this blog gives her ideas on fashion, beauty, and travel. It is worth reading for those who love adventures. It emphasizes discovering new places and utilizing all the ways to get happiness.

10. She Dreams All Day

Mia is the founder of this blog, which helps shy and reserved women to fulfill their dreams. This is helpful for those who are unable to focus on their dreams. The main topics covered in this blog are;

  • Personal development.
  • Ways to develop a personal development routine.

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