How to Make a Wish Come True in 30 Seconds

Is it possible to make your wish come true in 30 seconds?

It is possible to make a wish come true in 30 seconds through visualization. When you visualize something in your mind and think about it, you will be able to enjoy it in real life. It is one of the best techniques to enjoy the happiness of manifesting a wish in a few seconds. Visualization takes on a new passion and energy when you perform it in 30 seconds.

Points to focus and remember:

Keep it in mind that all you need is the capability to think, feel and imagine as given below;

  1. Think:

You are going to do it right now after reading it.

  1. Feel:

Feel the emotions, feelings, and physical sensations. If you have a good sense of smell or touch, you can feel your mind’s nose and hand too.

  1. Imagine:

Visualize and see things in your mind. You can also do this in your min’s ear if you are a good listener.

  1. Use the power of optimism:

When you want to get something and want to fulfill your wish, then always be optimistic. Do not underestimate yourself.

  1. Write down your wishes:

Writing your wishes on paper help to manifest them and provide the strength to fulfill your goals.

  1. Be clear about your wish and goal:

Always be clear about what you exactly want and then ask for the universe for it.

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Use of special techniques to make your wishes come true:

Here is how to use visualization technique to make your wishes come true:

Step 1: Identify your desires and wishes which you want to get in life. Be clear and passionate about it.

Step 2: Visualize the results in your mind. Think positive and avoid negative thinking.

Step 3: Try to remove all the hurdles and obstacles by identifying them.

Step 4: Make a strategy and full plan that how will you achieve your goal.

Step 5: Set a deadline for the completion of the task.

Step 6: Do the work with full passion.

Step 7: Praise the progress in your work. Keep appreciating yourself for little victories to build your morale.

The reason due to which wish does not come true:

The lack of self-confidence and focus are the main reasons due to which people cannot make their wishes true. You should make wishes in a certain way and a wish must be an ideal and strong thought. Manifestation and wishes are linked with each other, as wishes are forms of manifestation. When you fail to manifest your wish in the right way, then wishes do not come true.

Do wishes come true if you tell someone?

Many people believe in the myth that wishes do not come true if you tell others about them. It is baseless and has no reality. When you repeat your wish loudly and share it with loved ones, it increases the chances of wishes coming true. When you share desires with others, you are repeating them and in this way, it becomes clear in your mind. Your well-wishers keep you motivated throughout the journey of the manifestation of your dreams.

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How to make a wish come true in 30 seconds:

You can make wishes come true in 30 seconds by sending your message to the universe clearly and writing your desires on paper by visualizing them in mind. Following are some steps that help you to make a wish come true in just 30 seconds;

1. Imagination and visualization:

Visualization is an important aspect of manifestation. Imagine yourself in a place where you have achieved all of your goals. Feel and enjoy the beauty of that moment.

2. Identify and replace limiting beliefs:

Once you have written your desires then try to acknowledge all of your fears and limiting beliefs that stop you from manifesting something. Identify the reasons which hold you back from your journey to success. It can be any fear of failure or lack of confidence and trust in-universe. People have limiting beliefs because they do not believe in the law of attraction. Limiting beliefs make you feel that you are unworthy and incapable of achieving what you want. It is a negative thought that keeps you saying, “You cannot do it”.

You should be careful about such thoughts because they keep you away from your destination. Replace these thoughts with positive energy and mindset. Keep in mind that negative beliefs are just an illusion and limit the manifestation process.

3. Repeating the positive affirmations:

After removing and overcoming limiting beliefs, you need to repeat some affirmations that keep you motivated. Keep repeating them until you feel the change in your beliefs. It is not difficult because once you conquered your negative thoughts and feelings, you succeeded. Negative thoughts reduce the power of manifesting something.

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4. Stay positive and optimistic throughout the process:

Stay optimistic and positive throughout the process. Doubts and anxiety are responsible for your failure to manifest desires. Affirmations are very positive statements and helpful in manifesting dreams. Repeat affirmations daily and after doing it start your day.

You should be calm and relaxed. Imagine you have achieved the goal and removed negative self-talk. Many people fail in manifesting because they do not believe in themselves. Those who are hasty to get what they want can never get success. Do not be anxious or desperate, if you do so it means you are sending negative vibrations and energy to the universe. Do not get disappointed if something happens late or does not come to you in exactly the same way as you planned.

This is human nature to have everything they want in just a moment. Manifestation needs patience and self-control. If you want to make things according to your way and not understand the plan of the universe, you become depressed and worried. Such things reduce your ability to perform good actions and can even lead to depression. So you need to be confident, have patience, wait for the universe’s decision, think positive, and always be optimistic.


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