How to Manifest the Desires of your Higher-self

What is higher-self?

The higher self is all about your soul and tells who you really are. Manifestation higher self is all the gut feelings and inspiration which you feel are related to your higher self. When you have strong relationships with your inner-self then you will feel more confident and energetic.

Some people confuse the term ego and higher self. Ego is associated with anger, stress, or anxiety which causes pain. It is a negative behavior that makes people rude and frustrated. On the other hand higher self is about love, being hopeful, happy, and energetic. Your higher self provides the right direction and meaning of life in a positive way.

According to Ekhart Tolle;

“If you think that life exists to make you happy, you are in for a big shock. Everyone on this planet will at some point experience challenges. When you inevitably experience something horrible, you have a choice. You can become sad, bitter, angry, and live in a state of unhappiness. Alternatively, you can observe the challenge as it unfolds, from a deeper state of awareness and without judgment”.

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Relationship between higher self and manifestation:

The higher self and manifestation are closely related to each other. When you become passionate and inspired then it becomes easy for you to manifest to become the best version of yourself. By identifying your higher self you will become able to decide what is better for you and your life. In this way, you can manifest something into reality.

Lower self and its characteristics:

The lower self is a feeling of weakness and less confidence. People having the sensation of lower self always look at their difficulties and do not focus on the positive aspect of life. It is fear that keeps you away from doing anything good and productive. In order to develop a higher self, you first need to find all the lower self-characters and how to overcome them. Following are some lower self-characteristics that help you to realize higher self;

  • Having low energy.
  • Feeling insecure and incompetent.
  • More conscious about material things.
  • Spending most time on improving the appearance and not doing anything worthy.
  • Being irritated and frustrated.
  • Holding hatred feelings about others.

Connecting to your higher self:

After noting down the all negative aspects of your personality, you should start working towards a higher self. Here are some approaches that help you connect to a higher self;

  • Discover your higher consciousness through dreams:

Spirituality helps you to develop a higher self through dreams. When you think about something unconsciously and see dreams during sleep, it connects you with higher self. Dreams can help you see the blind spots and deepen your connection with yourself.

  • Use the Journaling method to achieve your highest self:

Writing is a key factor in understanding the higher self. Simply write down some questions and their answers. Building awareness about your gut feelings and reactions that come from your higher self. You can learn many things about yourself through journaling.

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Following are some common questions that you can ask yourself;

  1. What are my ten major values and limits which I never want to break?
  2. What are my goals for my life?
  3. What memories do I want to leave behind after my death?
  4. What kind of relationships do I want?
  • Use meditation to find your high self:

The final step to finding your higher self is meditation and affirmations. Meditation helps you to become aware of your self-worth. It makes you feel relaxed, confident, and happy. Self-development can also become possible through it. Spend 5 to 10 minutes with yourself and try to meditate through some positive statements. Keep in mind that there is always a way to come back to feel yourself. No matter how long time since you last spoke.

  • Watch your breath:

Once you started manifesting things, concentrate on your breath too and keep cleaning it. When you inhale, take your desires and dreams into your body also. When you exhale, do it by removing all negative thoughts and energy from your mind.

  • Do not label your thoughts:

Do not let your thoughts control you. Make your thoughts positive and raise them to get vibrations. If you become disturbed about your thoughts, do not worry at all. Just stand up and walk for a while. Try to re ease your mind and body. Thoughts are helpful in achieving your goals. When you think about higher self it will come to you in any way.

  • Be kind with yourself and do not blame:

Stop making yourself responsible for all mishaps that come to your life. Even you have made a mistake, forgive yourself for it. Be gentle, avoid judgment and try to let go of things. Remove fear, negative thoughts, and doubts which keep you away from achieving your goal. Relaxing the mind through meditation is the foundation for prosperity and inspiration which make you feel blessed and happy.

  • Identify what you want to affirm and achieve:

Take a journal or simply a paper and write down all your dreams and desires you want to manifest in life. No matter how small your goals are, be optimistic about them. Small things also work out for well-being. It is the way for considering your higher self.

  • How will you feel after manifesting a higher self?

Concentrate on what you feel after getting all you want in life. How will your mind, body, and soul feel after being successful? Write down all things on paper.

  • Keep believing in yourself and the universe:

Once you cleared your intentions about everything and started manifesting, keep believing in yourself. Believe that universe will work for you and make things easier for you. It is not difficult, so let the universe handle everything.

  • Celebrate your win after knowing self-worth:

After doing all steps given above, appreciate yourself for doing it. Write your victory. Show gratitude and happiness for your wins. It is necessary to be thankful to the universe for helping and guiding you. Keep it in mind that you are unique and nobody is like you and this is your power.

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