How to Create a Manifestation Box to Attract your Dream Life

A manifestation box is a tool that can help you focus your thoughts and intentions on your goals and desires. A good way to work at manifestation is the manifestation box which is the funny and easy way.

Manifestation box:

A manifestation box is also known as a vision or wish box which helps to bring your dream into reality. It is quite easy to make a manifestation box, just buy a box and set a clear intention. This positive intention will make the dream of getting something into life a reality.

The idea behind this amazing manifestation tool is to place a message inside a box and then send it out to the universe in order to attract the things you truly want. This forms a connection between you and the universe. It can be small or big and should have some symbols and objects which keep you motivated.

Advantages of manifestation box:

The following are some major benefits of the manifestation box;

1. Broad and clear vision:

Creating a manifestation box helps you to broaden your vision. It is one of the best ways to align yourself with your desires and goals in life.

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2. Give powerful manifestation:

Once you made a manifestation box, then it means you have decided to do something productive and want to manifest things. It shows to the universe that you are passionate about what you want in life and working for it. The universe will give it to you.

3. Provide positive and creative energy:

This process provides positive energy and strength to manifest things in life. It brings the power to make your dreams a reality.

4. Fun and enjoy:

It is a great activity full of fun and joy. Children can also do this.

5. Connection between you and the universe:

Creating a manifestation box fix and enhance your connection with the universe. It shows the level of your quest toward the completion of the goal.

6. Gives a point of focus:

Making a box and filling it with useful components help you to focus on specific goals. It generates intentions for what you want to get and makes your desire come true.

The things you need for making manifestation box:

The things required for it depends upon you and on your demands. Following are a few common things needed for it;

  • A small or big box which might be old or new.
  • A piece of paper
  • A pen
  • A clear vision and intention.

How to make and design your own box manifestation :

If you are creative enough to make your own manifestation box then follow the given steps;​

Choose a box:

Find a box that resonates with you, whether it’s a decorative box or a plain one that you can decorate yourself. The size of the box doesn’t matter, as long as it’s large enough to hold your desired items.

Set your intention:

Think about what you want to manifest and set your intention. Be specific and clear about what you want to achieve, and visualize yourself already having achieved it.

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Gather materials:

Gather materials that represent your intention, such as pictures, quotes, affirmations, crystals, or any other objects that resonate with you.

Decorate your box:

Decorate your box to make it visually appealing and inspiring. You can use paint, stickers, markers, or any other decorations that reflect your personality and style.

Fill your box:

Fill your box with your desired items. Arrange them in a way that feels meaningful and purposeful to you.

Focus on your box:

Place your manifestation box somewhere visible, such as your bedroom or workspace. Take time each day to focus on your box and your intentions. Visualize yourself already having achieved your goals and feel the emotions associated with that achievement.

Take action:

Remember that manifestation is not just about visualizing and wishing for something to happen. You also need to take action toward your goals. Use your manifestation box as a reminder to take consistent action toward your desired outcomes.

Using a manifestation box can be a powerful tool to help you manifest your desires and achieve your goals. It can help you stay focused, motivated, and inspired as you work towards creating the life you want.

Writing a letter of intent for manifestation your box:

Setting a letter of intent and sending it to the universe is a key way to firm your faith. This is part of setting your goal and the way to reach the destination. When you set an intention and start working on it, it gives a sense of responsibility and filters out all the things which may divert you from the goal. Your letter should be concise and show gratitude to the universe.
“Only when you release your intentions into the fertile depths of your consciousness can they grow and flourish?”
– Deepak Chopra

How to use the manifestation box:

Follow these three steps to use the manifestation box

1. Set a clear intention:

Ask yourself the question that what you really want in life. Take into account the fact that it is necessary to ask yourself some basis. It makes you feel more passionate about your work. Avoid and neglect all things which make your focus weak.

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2. Fill manifestation box with things that inspire you:

Fill it with many things which help to feel more energetic and happy. It can be a letter to the universe or affirmations written on paper.

3. A letter of gratitude:

It is the best way to connect with the universe to fulfill your desire. The universe will give you great results and uplift you. Showing gratitude means you are satisfied with what you have. Thank it for everything in life. This positivity will attract the universe to bless you. After writing the letter place it in the manifestation box and leave the rest in the universe.

4. Written affirmations:

Written affirmations work with the law of attraction and help you to develop positive energy. They should be written in a positive way, avoiding any negative statements. Always write and speak in the present tense.


Quotes can also be added inbox. Write some motivational and positive inspiring quotations on paper and put them in the box. It should be related to your intention.

6. Objects:

Symbolic objects that are related somehow to your desire are good things to add inbox. Choose a statue or object that makes you feel happy and energetic.

7. Addition of crystals:

Crystals are helpful in connecting with the universe. Crystals have unique properties and help you to align whatever you want. Following are some crystals which are related to some common intentions;
Pyrite: Used to manifest money in life.
Rose quartz: To manifest love and kindness
Green aventurine: For manifesting chances and opportunities.
Citrine: Helpful in developing self-confidence and courage.
Clear quartz: It can be used to manifest any desire.

8. Trust the universe and let it go:

Once you have completed all the above steps leave the matter in the universe and let it go. Allow the universe to do things in a better way. Keep trust that the box is working in the same way as you gave instructions to it. The Law of attraction will help in doing this activity. You can do it by;
Leaving the box alone to work for intention until your dream manifested into a reality.

Meditate by opening the box when you feel less energy.

Keep checking your manifestation box daily and keep adding new images, objects, and affirmations. Keep in mind there is nothing right or wrong phenomenon in it, it is just a practice. So, keep going on.
According to Zig Ziglar; “Don’t become a wandering generality, be a meaningful specific”-

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