12 Effective Ways To Protect Your Energy

As human beings, we all need the energy to complete our tasks and spend a successful life. We are living in a society where we do a lot of things for family, friends, and colleagues, but we forget ourselves.

It is essential to protect your energy for yourself too. When your mind becomes tired and weak it becomes difficult for you to achieve the goals. A fragile mind can drag you down and cause illness. You must protect your energy to feel less stressed all the time. Life becomes easy and enjoyable when you protect your energy.

12 Effective Ways to Protect And Manifest your energy:

Manifesting good energy involves aligning your thoughts, emotions, and actions with positivity and high vibrations. Here are some steps to help you protect and manifest good energy:

1. Do not be too much supportive and agreeable:

Set your priorities because you do not need to respond to each and everything. Think about your energy and do not join people who always spread negativity. If someone is not doing well, you do not need to be supportive of their acts. Just refuse to join them in any evil deeds.

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2. Surround yourself with positive people:

In order to live a happy life, you must surround yourself with people with positive energy. You need to set a standard and only allow people to come and interfere in your life who would uplift you. Refuse to do things that are not right and good for you. This is not selfishness but simply a way to protect your energy.

3. Set strict boundaries to conserve energy:

Be strict with your rules and do not let anyone let you down. Learn to say no to things that are not important to you. Drawing a boundary line beyond what you can do is a protective measure to save your energy.  Keep the demands of others at a distance.

4. Clean your mental space:

Clear your mind from all the negative and limiting thoughts that distract you. Get rid of stress, anxiety, and chaos because these things lower your energy. Keep yourself away from toxic people.

5. Stop giving away your energy:

Stop worrying about people and their opinions. When you do so you will feel down because you allowed someone to control or take the happiness and energy away from you.  You should understand the benefits of protecting your energy. You have to first love yourself and then think about the happiness of others. Keep yourself away from all activities that keep you demotivated.

6. Limit and reduce your exposure to negativity:

We are what we think, so if you think positively it will impact your life positively. Limit and reduce the exposure to negativity and stay positive. Be aware of what you are thinking and treating yourself. It becomes easier to overcome negativity when you know your limits.

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7. Do not worry about what you cannot control:

Some things are not in your control, let them flow freely, and do not worry about them. Do not feel guilty about trying to control what you cannot. Life goes on, but the thing that matters is how you respond and react to situations. Life is not easy and you also have to face difficulties, but you do not have to stress out about it.

8. Trust in yourself:

Trust in yourself is the key factor to saving your energy. If we do not trust ourselves and are in control of people. If we give control of our lives to others’ hands then we become slaves to them. When they want us to be high, we will be high, and vice versa. We will do everything they want from us.

If they want us to gossip, and cross limits, and when they attack us with negativity, we will attack back. This is due to the fact that our insecurities make us over-possessive, defensive, and reactive. Honor yourself and do not give away your energy to others so haphazardly.

9. React less and stay in control of your energy:

Try to give fewer reactions, you do not need to respond to all things. When we react to the negativity we are less stable in our own energy. Think before you respond to any situation. Do not allow someone to reduce your energy and drag you down. Stay in control of your energy ad stay calm.

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10. Keep yourself busy:

If you have doubt that you get affected easily by the energies of the world around you, set strong limits. You don’t need to say yes to more than you can handle. Just because of some free time on the weekend does not mean you are free.  

Keep yourself Busy in the process of healing, restoring, and spending much of your time with yourself.  Learn to say no before committing to more than you can handle. You do not need to give any explanations, you are busy that’s all.

11. Admit and understand your own negativity:

We always complain about the behavior of others and are not aware of our own negativity. It can be difficult to admit it but we cannot fully close our eyes. We need to be aware of it to protect our energy. When people are not aware of their own mistakes bring their energy down. The people who think of themselves as everything and do not focus on their own negativity stay saying;

“I’m better than that person. I am worthy, but they are not.”

This mentality is due to ego and we need to protect ourselves from energies that hurt us.  We must take care of others’ feelings too.

12. Spend some time with nature:

We all are facing some kind of trouble in life and going to lose ourselves. We are more conscious of the remarks of people and have a thirst to get the approval of others. It is not the right practice.

For deep and effective healing, we need to ground ourselves in nature. Take an exercise in the park and do a long walk along the woods. Nature has the power to release negativity from your mind and provide peace.

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