How to Make a Manifestation Board that Works in 5 Ways

Manifestation boarding is one of the best ways to get clear and specific about your goals. It keeps motivated and energetic for achieving your goals. Making a manifestation box and using it for the manifestation of dreams is relaxing and not really hectic. It is an easy way for manifestation. You just have to create a board that helps you attract more vibration and positivity.

Manifestation boards, and how do they work?

A manifestation/vision board is basically any physical or non-physical manifestation of your goals. It is the process of getting and collecting the things (images, crystals, or objects) that correlate with the future you want to manifest. It always reminds you to work better for getting to your destination.

According to the Reiki master and author of Burning Bright;

“If we don’t have a clear direction of where we’re headed or where we want to go, it can be very easy to get caught up in things that aren’t actually good for us. Creating a vision board is a powerful way of getting to know yourself and what it is you truly want to manifest and call into your life.”

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How to make a manifestation board:

Making a manifestation board is quite an easy and personal activity/task. Here are some basic things which you need before making the board;

  • A board for your base: It can be of cork, wire, or a magnetic whiteboard that works for you.
  • Scissors: Depending upon the nature of the board you need scissors, tape or glue, or clips to fix things or images on the board.
  • Images or objects: Your manifestation board must contain the things that resound with you and your goal. You can add motivational images, crystals, quotations, and many more.
  • Stickers, Pencils, Colors, and Markers: They are helpful in creating a board and decorating it.

After collecting all the required things you could easily start making your board:

  1. Get clear about your goal:

You should start manifesting the board by getting clear about your intentions. It is the idea of setting a clear vision and goal. You must be sure about the things you are going to manifest.

  1. Starting the arrangement of your board:

This is the funny and easy part.  It involves arranging and rearranging your board with the images, objects, and paintings you collected. Arrange things in such a way that they motivate and inspire you. It is simply having fun and feeling some happiness.

  1. Find a place for it:

Once you have completed the manifestation board then find a suitable place where you can place it. Select a place where you can easily see it. The purpose of the manifestation board is to bring abundance to your life. It brings happiness to your life.

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Your manifestation board can include the following things;

  • Relationships and goals.
  • Future planning and finances.
  • Tasks and challenges.
  • Home and process of the journey toward success.
  • Growth and confidence quotes.
  • Spiritual goals.
  • Health and wealth.

Basic ideas to get your vision board started:

Here are some basic ideas that help you to manifest and put them on the manifestation board;

  1. For gaining a positive perspective:

Anything that keeps you motivated which might be a quotation or anything else can be useful for positivity. You can include the writings that help to remove negative and limiting beliefs. Such things provide a positive perspective on life.

  1. For financial stability:

Put the images which correlate with financial abundance. You can place a bill on your board or anything which reminds you of your goal.

  1. For developing relation and connection with nature:

The use of feathers, flowers, leaves, and seashells that are related to nature keeps you connected with nature. They provide freshness and a good feeling.

  1. For outings:

By Manifesting the traveling you can add pictures of trains, airplanes, buses, or the places where you want to go and visit.

  1. For kindness and love:

You can attract kindness and love through the manifestation box. A picture of your and images of relationships can be used and placed on board for manifesting love.

  1. For mental satisfaction and peace:

Manifestation board is the best way for inner peace and happiness. You should include pictures of nature, inspiring things, and quotations that provide peace of mind.

5 Steps to Manifest Sing Manifestation Boards:

Step One: Understand the steps and process for manifesting:

For manifesting your goal you must be careful and sure about the steps. Set clear and vivid ambitions. The following are three steps for understanding the process;

  1. Ask the universe for what you want to achieve:
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Get clear and set your intention for what you want. Clarity of goal is the better way to ask from the universe. The universe will help when you are clear about it.

  1. Trust the process:

Keep trust in the universe and the process that works for you. Limiting beliefs and negative thoughts about the goal whether you can achieve it or not will restrict the process of manifestation. So, be careful and keep trust in the process, things come to you at the right time.

  1. Allow the change:

Allow positivity and change to happen in your life. You have to start thinking that your goal is about to complete and coming on your way soon.

Step Two:  Visualization of achievement:

After getting clear about the goal start the visualization process. Imagine the things that are real that you are trying to manifest. It is the best way to convert your imagination into reality. Visualization is the best way to manifest what you want.

Step three:  Get ready to receive with goal setting:

You should be ready to get what you are trying to manifest. You have to expect the best results and outcomes. Be excited and happy to receive the reward for your hard work.

Step Four:  Let the past away and be present:

The biggest hurdle in manifestation is the guilt of the past and fear of the future. If you are stuck to it, success will not come to you. Be present in your current situation and avail the of every opportunity in life. Do not worry about the things which are not in your control and work hard for your betterment. Pay attention to the things which are important and stay away from negative thoughts.

Step Five: Appreciate the process and be thankful for the universe:

On the journey to success, you must be patient and wait for the results to occur. Sometimes it takes some time to manifest but be optimistic. Once you achieve the goal say thanks and show gratitude to the universe. Celebrate the success full of your energy.

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