How To Manifest With Candles In Simple 6 Steps

Manifestation by using candles is an effective strategy. The way of a burning candle with a graceful flame helps to send you in trance. The fire and its glow teach you to focus on and manifest what you want. Fire refers to magic and is a unique way to attract abundance, money, health, peace of mind, kindness, love, and happiness. With the help of a burning candle, you can achieve your goal by focusing on your desire.

It also helps to give your energy to the universe to get back the same reward to manifest dreams. It is essential to get clarity about your mission and intention otherwise candle is worth nothing. Keep in mind that fire is simply a medium to help you to focus and convey your wishes to the universe. You should be careful about others too, do not harm anyone to clear your way. You will get back what you send. Keep positive intentions only.

How to use a candle for manifestation:

There are some methods to manifest candles which are given below:

1. Use the right candle for your clear intention:

Candles are fantastic magical tools to boost energy and willpower. The color of the candle really does not matter, only the intentions matter. Each candle color has a meaning, a day, a planet, and a spiritual entity associated with it. Keeping this in mind as you meditate or do your magical workings can help you stay focused on your intention. Following are some colors and their manifestation intentions;

  • White: ease, truth, divining, peace, protection.
  • Pink: Love, self-love, romance, reunion.
  • Red: desire, courage,
  • Orange: quick action, joy, play, youth,
  • Yellow: charm, opinion, overcoming mental blocks, new ideas, and confidence.
  • Green: success, plenty, money, good luck.
  • Blue: truth, wisdom, justice, healing, sincerity
  • Purple: psychic manifestations, astronomical travel, musing, spirituality.
  • Black: protection, expel, cutting cords, removing negativity.
  • Brown: beach, lost objects, congregation.
  • Grey: balancing, invalidation negativity, protection.
  • Gold: wealth, bold manifesting, affluence.
  • Silver: moon or goddess, energy, solidity, instinct.
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3. Dress your candle well:

You can dress your candles with oils, herbs, or carvings to make them beautiful. The way you dress your candle can help intensify your intention. Using herbs or oils symbolizes your intention. For example, you can use an enticing pink candle with alluring rose oil with herbs and sprinkle fresh rosemary on top. You can also check a guide book The Guide to Magical Herbs for guidance about these herbs. You will have amazing information about these herbs regarding these herbs.

Once I  was stuck on the road and feeling terrified so I lit up a candle to make my path clear then suddenly  I split up with a group of friends. And at that time it was the best thing for me in the universe and so it is.

I never say this to terrify you, but to make you prepare for some extraordinary happenings in the future. You’re attempting to channel your guides and the divine (however you define this) anytime you work with magic or manifestation. They are aware of everything and in general, helping you to reach that next level, but sometimes they have to take the trash out first.

Think back to when your parents throw some stuff out that you needed but they just want to clean your room. They didn’t know the reason why you were so upset.  They were just getting rid of the clutter it was their thought. This is the same concept, just on a higher level.

Ok, now you’re ready, here’s how to perform basic candle magic and use candles to manifest your desire.

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4. Find a suitable space for lightning up your candle without any interruption:

Find a Space where you won’t feel any interruption and Light up the Candle.

Now you have the candle in the right color and you know well what you want to manifest and you’ve chosen the right day for this candle manifestation method, now it’s time to begin the ritual!

So, for this exercise, go to a place where you do not have any disturbance. Also, turn off your phone or put it in Airplane mode.

Now that you know what you want to manifest, you have the right candle color for your manifestation, and you’ve chosen the right day for this candle manifestation.

4. Light your candle:

Pick a place in your home where you can burn the candle undisturbed for hours. Ideally, this is somewhere you can monitor it. It is not good to leave the candles burning in a place where you can not see them or while sleeping.

I prefer to turn off the lights and shut out any distractions for the next part.

Focus completely on your intention for a few moments really get your desire clear in your mind’s eye.

Now, come forward and light up the candle, speaking about your desire loudly. Ask the Universe clearly about what you want on an extreme level. Should really mean what you say. Be consistent on this is what you want to will into being. Every single word matters and now is not the time to waffle. You can say simple sentences or you can speak to the Universe for a few minutes. Say thank you when you are done, and close the intention or spell with the words that are right for your beliefs.

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5. Visualize your Intentions:

Visualize your Intentions. You can sit cross-legged on the floor, till the candle is lit or sit on top of a pillow. Then, take deep breaths, going in and out through the nose to relax.

For a few moments, concentrate on your intention. Make your desire clear like a crystal in your mind’s eye. Feel how good it sounds.

This type of energy and feel you want to surround yourself when manifesting.

Now, speak loudly about your manifestation. It can be a one-word sentence or a few minutes of speaking to the Universe. Don’t be afraid and feel uncomfortable saying whatever you want to.

Close your intention with a “Thank you Universe.”

6. Trust the process and be patient: 

Now that you’ve set your manifestation, you must surrender the outcome to the higher powers. You don’t have to redo the spell. You must have trust that the Universe and your guides heard you will make whatever shifts need to happen for you. If you think that there is any internal work you feel would be helpful to do while the candle magic is happening, you can absolutely do that.

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