How To Do The Law of Attraction Scripting Method

The law of attraction works on the phenomenon of “like attracts like”. It is all about a positive mindset and thoughts.

The Law of attraction focuses on the use of energy for fulfilling desires and achieving goals. Gratitude, visualization, and affirmations are manifestation techniques that help to increase the confidence and energy level required for getting what you want in life. When you visualize your goal and future in mind, it inspires you to work hard for it.

Visualization is not a tough task but everyone can’ not do it. Writing your vision on paper and visualizing it is scripting. Scripting helps you to focus more on your goal because it is not just an imagination. You transfer all of your thoughts and ideas that you want to manifest on paper. You can focus better on scripting. 

Visualization and scripting: Visualization and scripting are somehow related to each other. Scripting helps the brain to think that goal is already manifested as you are experiencing thoughts and feelings of victory.

The brain is unable to differentiate between the reality and self-made thoughts that you created in your mind. It makes you happy and confident. The energy level rises in no time. Scripting prepares a person to receive the goal. This will send the signal to the universe that you are ready to get the goal.

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Steps before you begin scripting:

Once you started working for manifesting things, you need to focus on the following points;

Removing limiting beliefs

Belief and determination are key factors to achieve a goal. You have to keep firm faith in the process and universe. The universe will make your wishes and dreams a reality. Remove all the negative thoughts that distract you from your goal.

Remove and eliminate all negative behaviors like depression, anxiety, overthinking, and frustration. Use healthy food and reduce all activities that are harmful to your mental peace.


Meditation plays a very important role in removing negative beliefs and thoughts. It keeps you motivated and focused. The use of crystals, aromatherapy, feng shui, yoga, and deep breathing exercises are highly useful for meditation. The use of healthy food and loving nature can be helpful in this process.

Benefits and importance of scripting:

Scripting is useful and important for multiple purposes. Some of its benefits are listed below;

  • It helps you to focus on the work necessary for achieving your goal.
  • Scripting reduces or eliminates poor and weak imagination.
  • Improves writing skills too. works wonderfully for manifestation.
  • It prevents negative thoughts from affecting your potential.
  • Scripting keeps you happy and confident because you have imagined the outcomes of your hard work in mind which is very beautiful.
  • Frustration and irritation are the main problems when manifesting something when you are unable to get results early. Scripting keeps you calm during such situations.
  • Enhance your positive energy gradually.
  • Makes manifestation more clear and authentic.
  • Boost up your creativity.
  • Improves and modifies your inherent skills.
  • Helps in cutting down the negativity.
  • It filters out all the doubts from your mind
  • It is very simple and easy to understand and practice.
  • Perfect for those who just started manifesting anything.
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Guidelines to improve scripting:

Scripting is simple and easy to use. It will boost your mind and thoughts in a positive direction. It can be more amazing and enjoyable if you follow some guidelines. Scripting is natural if you are good at writing. Scripting skills can be improved by following some tips. It will help to script better and experience better that is beneficial for you.

Here are some useful rules for you to follow while scripting;

1. Always write in the present tense:

Both scripting and visualization are about perceiving your future life after manifesting your goal as if it has already happened. This means you need to see the future scene in the present. So, while scripting though you are writing about what is happening in your future, you need to write it in the present tense. This is a vital aspect of scripting that you have to follow. You may find this a bit confusing in the beginning but will get used to it with practice.

2. Visualize before you start writing:

Imagination will play an important in scripting. Poor imagination makes visualization difficult. Imagination and scripting when combined play an important role. Use imagination before you start writing. You can improve your imagination skills through practice and implementation. Many activities are available for practicing imagination and self-improvement skills.

3. Include your senses and emotions:

When you write a script, be fully focused and include your imaginations and feelings to make it the best. It will make your script more effective and powerful. This will raise your focus, remove negative thoughts, and feel positive.

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4. Be thankful and show gratitude to the Universe in advance:

Feeling blessed and showing gratitude increases and boosts your energy and confidence level. When you show gratitude in advance it will help to manifest more and make it very effective. In this way, you are transferring positive energy to the universe and it will pay back to you in the same way. It shows that you are passionate about your goal and manifestation becomes easy.

Finding the topic for scripting:

Finding a topic for scripting is not a big deal if you are creative and sure about your goal. It can be difficult if you are not sure about what you want to achieve. In such cases, you should be clear about your goal first and then manifest it. It makes things clear for you and gives a direction to work upon it. With scripting, you can write anything you want and if you are not passionate you can do nothing.

Suggestions to improve scripting:

Here are some tips and suggestions that can help you improve your scripting activity:

  1. Use the best and dedicated journal for scripting.
  2. Find answers to the questions “why”?
  3. Fill your heart with gratitude and thankfulness.
  4. Stick to one scene for a session of scripting.


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