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60 Positive Affirmations for Mental Health Recovery

Mental health Affirmation:

Affirmations are positive statements and the word affirm means to confirm. They provide a positive mindset and energy. Mental health affirmations are short and concise statements that reframe and build a positive mindset. They are just words that help to heal your mind. Words have the power and positive self-talk to reduce anxiety, depression, negative thoughts, and stress. They help to give mental peace by providing self-esteem. According to philosopher;

Mental health issues and affirmations:

Mental health issues are common these days. Every second person is depressed and anxious. People have the fear of losing things and success. In addition, They become hopeless and pessimistic about life. In such situations, positive self-talk and repeating affirmations can help to reduce these fears. They are effective tools to reduce anxiety and depression. They are a source of mental peace. Affirmations enhance your self-worth and positively affect your mind, behavior, and beauty(law of attraction affirmations).

How mental affirmations can help:

There are some affirmations for mental health:

1. Changes in brain and thoughts:

Mental affirmations create changes in the brain and thoughts. Your mind has flexibility and you can turn thoughts in a positive perspective to the future and achieve peace. Your behavior and thoughts should be positive. They reframe negative thoughts into a positive ones. Negative thoughts destroy your mental peace.

“Affirmations are a great tool to help shift the balance because they help you replace negative thought patterns with healthier, more positive thoughts,” _ Adds Alves.

2. Affirmations help to eradicate negative thoughts:

Affirmations help to challenge negativity and reduce anxiety and stress. Repeat them daily for a better outcome. They work for you in an incredible way. You can do this by listing all your negative beliefs and thoughts and then removing them one by one.  Write them on paper and examine them on a weekly basis so that you can check them all. Your thoughts are reframed accordingly.

3. Realistic affirmations work for you:

Keep your affirmations realistic because it will enhance the chances of your success. Repeating something you believe is better than repeating what you do not want. Unrealistic affirmations disappoint you so be careful about choosing them.

How to use mental peace affirmations:

You can use them everywhere and anytime during walking, sitting, or anytime. Making them part of your life help to work them more effectively.

“A daily routine connects your affirmations to things you do on a regular basis. This helps positive affirmations become an automatic response, like getting into your car and putting on your seatbelt without thinking,” _ Alves

Repeat them many times a day.  You can repeat them while,

  • You wake up in the morning.
  • Taking shower or brush your teeth.
  • When you commute and from work
  • During exercise.
  • In your free time of relaxation or meditation routine.
  • In bed before going to sleep.

Importance of mental health affirmations:

Repeating affirmations are valuable tools for removing negative thoughts and depression. Saying them loudly brings peace and helps you to connect aspirations into reality.

60 positive affirmations for mental health:

  1. I am ready to achieve what I want.
  2. My struggle will help me to succeed in life.
  3. I can do it.
  4. I work hard and it will pay off to me.
  5. I am energetic and powerful.
  6. I can make the right decisions and choices for myself.
  7. I have belief in myself and in my capabilities.
  8. I can get everything through effort.
  9. I am thankful for what I can do.
  10. I am happy with myself and I enjoy my own company.
  11. My dreams and goals are great and I can achieve them.
  12. I have self-confidence.
  13. I am kind to myself and I forgive for wrong choices.
  14. I am on the correct way path for my well-being.
  15. I am thankful for having love in my life.
  16. I will do all possible things and actions to accomplish my desires.
  17. Success is near to me.
  18. I will find positivity and goodness in all things.
  19. I am always getting lessons and learning from them.
  20. I have belief in myself.
  21. I will try exciting new things.
  22. I am able to change negative thoughts into positivity.
  23. I am secure.
  24. I have a great love for myself.
  25. Life is a gift and beautiful.
  26. I am strong enough to handle pains.
  27. I do things for myself.
  28. I do fun.
  29. My destination is great and opportunities for it are endless.
  30. I am active and full of power.
  31. I am mentally and physically relaxed and at peace.
  32. I am peaceful in mind, body, and soul.
  33. My life is a precious gift for me and I embrace it.
  34. I deserve kindness, love, and joy.
  35. I do self-care.
  36. I take healthy food.
  37. I will succeed one day.
  38. I am on the stage of growth.
  39. Each day is beautiful and full of joy.
  40. I admit my power.
  41. I am of infinite value.
  42. I am not ashamed of my past because it does not define me today.
  43. I choose to move forward and leave grieves behind.
  44. Happiness and fun are personal choices and I decided to do it.
  45. I forgive myself for mistakes.
  46. I give space to others and others.
  47. I know my boundaries and I never come out of them.
  48. I am becoming stronger day by day.
  49. Tough moments of life cannot stop me from doing well.
  50. I have kindness and compassion for others.
  51. Sharing is not a bad choice.
  52. I believe that mistakes are not failures and I get lessons from them.
  53. I am developing a positive relationship with the universe.
  54. I have the ability to bring change.
  55. I am on the stage of continuous growth.
  56. I can find a solution to every problem.
  57. I trust myself and the universe.
  58. My progress is not defined by others’ opinions.
  59. I am my own hero.
  60. I a mentally strong to face hurdles.

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