How to Speak your Desires into Existence (with the law of Attraction)

The law of attraction tells us that the universe is listening to our wishes and hopes and responds to only those who know the exact way of asking the universe to fulfill their desires. Speak your desires into existence and the use of appropriate words and methods to convey your message to the universe is necessary for requesting anything from the universe.

“Words_ so innocent and powerless as they are, as standing in a dictionary, how potent for good and evil they become in the hands of one who knows how to combine them”- Nathaniel Hawthorne

Words have the power to make all your prayers effective and you can use this method to manifest anything that you want. Words can bring joy or despair. Your words can also hurt others, so you should be careful before speaking.

Positive words enhance self-confidence, belief in the universe, happiness, and energy required to fulfill your dreams. Our emotions and thoughts are responsible for our expressions. What we think appears on our faces.

The Law of attraction also says that words (either spoken loudly or in your mind) have an influence on your life. It is one of the best ways to raise energy levels and manifest what you want. Words have the power to manifest things into existence. According to the law of attraction “like attracts like”, hence we will get what we think and speak more.

Here are some ways that will help you to speak things into existence;

1. Display your dreams and goals confidently:

The universe always responds to you when you ask for something confidently and with belief. Manifesting anything which you won’t require willpower and self-confidence. You should have faith in your path and the intention to create something which you really want. Make every conversation with the universe in a way that you send to the universe highly effective with the help of confidence.

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2. Let the Universe know through your words:

We keep our dreams and goals to ourselves due to a lack of confidence. This happens because we are afraid of our social circle, we think if we fail people will laugh at us. That’s why we failed to manifest our dreams.

When you do not speak about your dreams, it means you are hiding them from yourself as well as from the universe. On the other hand, when you speak about dreams, you give new opportunities to the mind to visualize them, understand, and manifest them.

You should map out the journey between where you are now and after a specific time you want to be there. Turn your hidden thoughts into words and speak about them loudly and confidently so that the universe can make them true. The universe will hear about your plans when you repeat them every day.

3. Speak with those who will be sincere and have a positive approach:

Always avoid the people who always say negative things and let you down.  Your company matters a lot for success and failure. If you surround yourself with negative people, you will get negative energy, and as a result, the outcome will also be not fruitful. Spend time with optimistic people who encourage you and give hope. Find and respect those who guide you in the right direction. They do not jealous of your passion and are well-wishers. The law of attraction is all about positivity and helps to convert your dreams into reality.

4. Do not disappoint when you fail:

Failure is part of our life. We cannot succeed until we fail. Failures teach us a great lesson. They show that you are trying. You should try, try again until you succeed. You have to experience multiple failures to reach your destination. Every time when you fail, you enhance your passion and stamina, because when you rise up after failure with new hope you will get many more than you expect. So do not get afraid of your failures.

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The frustration and negative thoughts cause self-doubt which leads to disappointment. Always be hopeful and keep trust in the universe. You will get what you want. When you lose faith in yourself and your abilities, the universe also loses faith in you.

5. Develop more patience:

While you are manifesting something and want to bring things into existence, you should be more patient than anybody else. When you focus on failures rather than your dreams, you are breeding negative thoughts and ultimately negative results.

6. Speak with optimism:

Optimism and positive thinking are key factors on the road to your success. Dreams can feel big but do not worry and remove self-doubt which can lead you to failure. Positivity keeps you ambitious during the whole process of your journey. Once you develop self-confidence and baseline, it becomes very easy for you to make good decisions and you will achieve more consistency.

7. Remove words like “Don’t”, “Not”, and “No” from your dictionary:

Be careful about words because the universe is always listening to you. Avoid using the words “no” and “don’t” in your life. Practicing positive statements help you to get positive outcomes. When you start communicating clearly, your connection with the universe will be stronger.

8. Adopt new habits by limiting your words:

As you move forward, new habits add up in your life and build your character. Your transition from a negative and doubting person to a hopeful person is necessary for your well-being. This is hard but you can use the power of words to relax your mind, body, and soul into a new version of you; who is more powerful, strong, and adaptable to change. So, always be ready for change.

9. Embrace humility and be kind when you succeed:

After a long time of struggle, when you feel that all you do is finally paying off then do not be arrogant. You have to control yourself in such a situation. You have to be humble and kind to others.

10. Meditate with mantras

Meditating with mantras is a powerful practice that can help you cultivate a sense of inner peace and focus. A mantra is a word or phrase that is repeated during meditation as a way to help you concentrate and connect with a deeper level of awareness.

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To begin meditating with mantras, start by choosing a word or phrase that resonates with you. This could be a traditional mantra like “Om” or “Namaste,” or it could be a more personal phrase that reflects your own values or intentions.

Once you have chosen your mantra, find a comfortable and quiet place to sit and begin to focus on your breath. As you inhale and exhale, repeat your mantra silently to yourself, allowing it to fill your mind and body with positive energy and intention.

As you continue to meditate with your mantra, you may begin to feel a deeper sense of connection with the Universe and the world around you. You may also find that your thoughts become more focused and clear and that you are better able to let go of distractions and negativity.

Remember that meditation is a practice, and it takes time and dedication to develop a deeper sense of awareness and connection. Be patient with yourself, and trust that with time and consistent effort, you will begin to experience the benefits of meditating with mantras.

11. Ask the Universe

“Ask the Universe” is a concept often associated with the Law of Attraction, which suggests that we can manifest our desires and intentions by focusing our thoughts and energy on them. The idea is that the Universe is responsive to our thoughts and emotions and that by putting out positive energy, we can attract positive outcomes into our lives.

To “ask the Universe,” you can begin by clarifying what it is that you want or need. This could be a specific goal, like getting a new job or finding a romantic partner, or it could be a more general desire for greater happiness or fulfillment in your life.

Once you have identified your intention, focus on it during your meditation practice. Visualize yourself already having achieved your goal or experiencing the positive outcomes you desire. Imagine yourself feeling happy, fulfilled, and grateful for what you have manifested.

It’s important to remember that asking the Universe is not about demanding or expecting instant gratification. Rather, it’s about aligning your thoughts and emotions with the positive energy of the Universe, and trusting that the Universe will respond in its own time and way.

As you continue to practice asking the Universe, be open to signs and synchronicities that may arise in your life. These may come in the form of unexpected opportunities, chance encounters, or intuitive insights. Trust your inner guidance and continue to focus on your intention, knowing that the Universe is always listening and responding to your thoughts and energy.

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