85 Crown Chakra Affirmations To Empower Your Highest Self

If you are experiencing emotional trauma or too much depression in life, it means your crown chakra is out of balance. Chakra affirmations can help get rid of such problems.

This article highlights the importance of the crown chakra and maintaining balance in this chakra. I will discuss 85 crown chakra affirmations that will be beneficial for improving your life. Let’s have a look at the basics of crown chakra and affirmations.

Crown Chakra:

The crown chakra is our seventh chakra located on the very top of our head. It is the highest of all the chakras and helps to remove the negativity of the mind. It is related to wisdom, strength, intelligence, emotions, and focus. When this chakra is imbalanced or blocked you face severe problems which are discussed below in detail.

Basic facts about the Crown Chakra:

Here are some basic facts you should know about crown chakra;


It is located at the crown.


Have a direct spiritual connection to the Universe.

Balanced chakra:

Welcoming divine guidance broadens the mind, feel happy and connected to the Universe.

Symptoms of imbalanced crown chakra:

Anxiety, disappointment, loss of faith, confusion, migraines.


Violet color is its representation.


Om is Mantra for the crown chakra.


Thousand petaled loti.


All elements are included.

Yoga Poses:

Headstand, Rabbit Pose, Lotus Pose, Balancing Butterfly Pose, and Savasana pose.


Selenite, Moonstone, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Diamond

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Essential Oils:

Myrrh, Rose, Neroli.

Signs of Imbalance crown chakra:

A blocked crown chakra keeps you away from the achieving goal of life and remaining peaceful. You will feel dis comfortable when your crown chakra is imbalanced. These are some of the major signs of a crown chakra imbalance.

  • You feel unhappy and disconnected from the universe.
  • No proper orientation of tasks.
  • You feel depressed and lonely
  • Feeling bored and irritated.
  • You remain uninspired.
  • You feel life is unfair.
  • You have limiting beliefs and negative beliefs.
  • You are repeating the mistakes of the past.
  • You are lazy and sick all the time.

Importance of restoring the crown chakra balance:

Your crown chakra should be unblocked and active for your body to work properly and energetically.  Here is the importance of chakra balancing.

  • Enhanced focus and concentration.
  • Raises the level of awareness.
  • Sharpen your memory.
  • Develop a positive attitude.
  • Help to handle problems.
  • Help to heal and empower your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual betterment.
  • Improve health and mental condition.
  • Develop a sense of self-worth and self-confidence.
  • Enhanced level of consciousness.
  • Self-control and emotions.
  • Develop kindness, love, and patience.

Ways to heal crown chakra:

The crown chakra is the best and most developed of all chakras. The energy for the crown chakra comes from the lower 6 chakras. For healing this chakra you need to work upon the other 6 chakras. There are various methods that help to open the crown chakra and get energy from them. Here are the most effective practice methods are:

  • Work on chakra meditation practice.
  • Use mantra.
  • Keep repeating affirmations.
  • Use relevant crystals.
  • Use some essential oils for meditation.
  • Practice yoga poses.
  • Use music therapy.
  • Add fresh color in front of you.
  • Include chakra-specific foods in your diet.
  • Expand your living space.
  • Write a gratitude journal.
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85 Crown Chakra Affirmations for empowering your highest self:

Here are 85 main Crown chakra affirmations to Empower your highest self;

  1. I am my authentic self.
  2. I am filled with kindness and love.
  3. I am easy and have good connections to all.
  4. I am satisfied and happy.
  5. I am thankful for the universe.
  6. I remove negative beliefs and doubts which drag me down.
  7. I always welcome positivity and faith.
  8. I keep myself aligned with the highest frequency of love.
  9. I trust myself and have great confidence.
  10. I trust and believe in the wisdom of the universe.
  11. I believe in spirituality and work for my spiritual healing.
  12. I am satisfied, happy, and free from anxiety.
  13. I am receiving unconditional love from others.
  14. I am peaceful.
  15. Everything is happening right.
  16. Peace comes to me regularly.
  17. I am letting go of my past.
  18. I try to live in the present moment.
  19. All is well.
  20. I am enjoying each blessing of the universe.
  21. The universe is always guiding me.
  22. Universe has a better plan for me.
  23. I experience the divine even during the tough time of my life.
  24. The world is giving me lessons to grow.
  25. My elders help to guide me and serve as teachers.
  26. I am a beautiful part of the universe.
  27. I live with the fullest enthusiasm.
  28. I am embracing new things in my life.
  29. I find everything for which I tried.
  30. Wisdom is my power.
  31. My heart is open to welcome new things.
  32. Divine power is always with me.
  33. I am protected and safeguarded by the universe.
  34. I have a strong connection with people.
  35. My life is graceful.
  36. I am on the way to improving myself.
  37. I accept myself along with my faults.
  38. I appreciate my efforts for success.
  39. I am broad-minded.
  40. I am an important part of the universe.
  41. I accept that life is beautiful.
  42. I learn to seek from my experiences.
  43. I am enhancing the level of my consciousness.
  44. I am confident enough to accept myself.
  45. I am living a better life than hundreds of people.
  46. I am not worried about my future.
  47. I am healing myself spiritually.
  48. I am aware of my mistakes.
  49. I am spiritually awakened.
  50. I am availing all the opportunities of life.
  51. I can achieve anything.
  52. My life experiences are beautiful.
  53. I am fully aware of the purpose of my life.
  54. I have loving relationships.
  55. I can do amazing things.
  56. I allow the divine guide to flow through my chakras.
  57. I believe in hard work.
  58. Happiness is attracting me.
  59. I welcome divine energy and allow it to flow through my chakras.
  60. Everything I want to achieve is possible.
  61. I am fully aware of my strength.
  62. I am working hard for achieving my goals.
  63. I never disappoint from failures.
  64. I am pure and sincere.
  65. I am fully aware of my capabilities.
  66. I listen to other people’s opinions patiently.
  67. I thankfully accept help from others.
  68. I was happy with my life.
  69. I am strong.
  70. I am timeless.
  71. The universe poured unlimited love into me.
  72. I am guided.
  73. I am kind and loving.
  74. I accept everything which comes my way.
  75. There is a reason for my presence in this universe.
  76. I believe that every happening is reasonable and not useless.
  77. The universe will never let me down.
  78. My surrounding is pleasing and pure.
  79. My mindset is positive.
  80. I look for positivity in everything.
  81. I make the right decisions.
  82. I use my energy for productive purposes.
  83. I take on my responsibilities.
  84. I release hate and ego.
  85. I keep my emotions in control.
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I hope you enjoyed this informative article and learned a lot from this. I wish you all the best for using these amazing affirmations to make your life happier. See you in the next article. Stay updated.

Thank you!


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