Scripting Manifestation

Easy Scripting Manifestation Examples for a Daily Planner

Scripting is the process of writing out anything that you want to adopt and manifest in your life. It is also about writing down the life story you want to be it to be. Focus and concentration are totally depend upon you. You have to write the things which you want to manifest, it will enhance the chances of manifestation.

You have to ask some questions you yourself to make your imagination clear;

  1. Would you live in your hometown or you will be shifting to some other place?
  2. What would you see from your window when you wake up in the morning?
  3. What and which people are around you when you are enjoying the morning cup of coffee or tea?
  4. Are you healthy, strong, and powerful physically and mentally?
  5. Are you satisfied with your life?
  6. Do you feel blessed and abundant?
  7. Are you financially strong?

Importance of scripting:

  • Scripting is the best way to write out your own story in the way you want it to be.
  • It is an easy way to use you to create your imagination into reality.
  • Writing out on paper helps you to see yourself at the place where you should be.
  • You feel, motivated, inspired, and relaxed.
  • You can manifest things depending upon the vibrations that you are transferring to the universe.
  • So whatever feeling you are having that is what you are going to get back in the future.
  • When you are writing on paper, it means you are converting your thoughts into the reality of the future.
  • You can enjoy it as a game so that you can open your mind.
  • Use the power of your imagination.
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Powerful Scripting Manifestation:

Powerful scripting manifestation is a technique where a person wants to get for the life. It helps to get a goal for you.

Always write your goals in the present tense, if the goal is already achieved. The Universe will help you to achieve the destination.

The major thing is that writing down everything in preset tense will enable you to get what you want. Scripting is one of the laws of attraction for manifesting your desires.

Steps for Easy and Effective Scripting Manifestation:

1: Writing in the present tense:

Always use present tense while scripting because it is more beneficial than writing for the future. For example, if a person wants to become an engineer, then writing I am an engineer is a more powerful manifestation than being an engineer in the future. It will inspire and provoke you.

2: Belief in your writing:

Believing in your goal is the most important thing. When a person believes in his purpose and goal, he achieves it soon.

You should write the dream in the future tense. Scripting will be worth nothing if you do not believe the story. You will feel more happy and satisfied when you write on paper. It seems like you are experiencing the thing which you want to achieve. It connects and directs to manifesting things in a beautiful way.

3: Show gratitude to the universe:

Be thankful to the universe for all blessings you have in life. It enhances your productivity and energy. It will make the universe give you more.

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Gratitude is one of the highest vibrational energies on the emotional orientation scale. So starting your letter with words of thanks aligns you with the creative forces of the universe.

Grab your manifestation journal and write down 3 things you are grateful for and how good it makes you feel. (You can also type on your phone or laptop if you prefer.)

The more you embody the sense of gratitude, the more your wishes are supported.

4: Experience your feelings:

In order to convert your thoughts and feeling into reality, it is compulsory to experience them. It makes the process of manifestation fast and effective.

Spend some time feeling the emotions you would feel. If you imagine the perfect job, how would you feel when you heard the news or walked into your new office for the first time? Combining feelings is incredibly powerful. Again, with gratitude it really helps to shift your mindset to a positive state, allowing you to attract possibilities into your life.

5: Clarify how you feel

The fifth step in writing a script is to clarify how your desire makes you feel. Think about your desire and how you feel as if you have already manifested it.

As discussed in my book on manifestation, Feeling Good, your emotion is your barometer for identifying your vibration.

According to the Law of Vibration, everything in the universe, including your feelings and emotions, is made up of energy that vibrates at a specific frequency. And through the Law of Attraction, energies of similar vibrations come together. So the key to manifesting what you want is to identify and match the feeling you want to experience.

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Start a new paragraph under what you wrote in Step 2 and write down the positive vibes you want to feel. Use the Emotional Orientation Scale to identify high vibration emotions that you can tune into to manifest what you want. Remember that the higher the vibration, the more positive something is.

Always be clear about what you really want to get. If you have vague passions and intentions, you will get nothing in return. So, adopt clarity and passion to get your goals.


Examples of scripting manifestation

  1. I am grateful to the universe for giving you to me.
  2. I am looking forward to getting up and working hard every day.
  3. It does not much better than this getting paid to do something. The universe is helping me for making my dreams come true.
  4. I am now living in the paradise of my dreams. It is the same in the way, I imagined it to be.
  5. My family is looking forward to my success. I am thankful to the universe for each and everything in my life.
  6. At work, this was a beautiful day. My lecture was well-received by the audience. Everyone’s expectations were fulfilled.
  7. My firm was granted me the job after the clients were gone away.
  8. I have believed that opportunity is knocking on my door, and I intend to grab every opportunity with both hands.

I was shocked to see changes in myself which I felt.

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