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How to write manifestation list?

Write a manifestation list that means you want to manifest manifestation in your desires. Making or writing a manifestation list of your desire is the easiest way of using the law of attraction. Law of attraction itself a manifestation.

you can achieve anything you want from wealth to love, prosperity by writing down your dreams on a piece of paper. writing your desires which frequently attract you most in your life.

Use our guide if you are confused about your desires and want any help with making a manifestation list and take your dream into your hand in the form of reality.

Your wishes come true really fast or in no time.

why do you want to write a manifestation list?

Before we start any business, it is essential to know why and in what circumstances we are want to write a manifestation list?

Every day our brain thinks thousands of thoughts. In which some of them are our real desires and others mostly are temporary thoughts.

It is easy to scribble your anxiety, confusion by making your mind why you need a manifestation list.

Manifestation list differentiates the desire and what you truly need in your life.

Follow these precious steps which help you to make a precise manifesting list.

Step 1: Pen and paper

The first thing in writing a manifestation list is a need for pen and paper. These are the ever firsthand powerful tools to start manifesting a list. To tangible our dream as a piece of paper.

Get a pen and paper and write down your dreams, desires for the sake of making a list, and your wish to manifest in your life. write anything like

  • BUY a brand new car.
  • to become a moneymaker.
  • For buying a gift for my better half.

Do not degrade yourself while making a list or not have a fear about prioritizing at this point. write everything you wish to manifest things in your life.

Step 2: Specify your list

Now analyze the wishes you wrote on paper. Take a deep breath and calm down your brainstorming. Now observe again and specify your list which is really going to manifest.

Do not have hundreds of items unwisely. Cut out the unimportant, useless, spoiled, desires and put numbers between each desire.

Take another paper and make a fresh list which is chosen from the previous ones, make out list accordingly, your current situation. You are starting manifesting now.

Step 3: Use the present tense

Now your new list depends upon the present tense or switched your wishes by the present tense.

YOUR list is like.

  • I used to make money for a brand new car
  • To save money for an expensive gift for my soulmate.
  • and going to pay full attention to my new job.

This type of list of desires realizes your responsibilities.

Step 4: Make multiple copies of your list

your present list is your final list now you do not have a copy of your fresh list. in addition, Make multiple copies in case of losing your list. These copies work as your backup. consider your list a contract to you.

stick with it and write several copies of your list and place them at your workplace, in front of your car, at your study corner.

In this way, you are really close to your desired manifestation. it gives you inspiration and motivation at every glance of your list.

Step 5: Keep updating your list.

As time passes our wishes and desires are changed you do not have to write them down again on the new paper. Just cut the changed desire or wish you want to manifest and write in front of cut desire.

It’s not about you are manifesting more you just modify your desire, not everybody has the stamina to change over time if you have stamina then you are the blessed person ever.

hope these steps help you in manifesting anything in your life

Thank you 

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